Starting on April 1st, 2017 we will no longer be paying 50% Cash up front for clothing purchases. Instead we will offering 45% Cash up front or 65% Store Credit. Sellers may also split their sale and receive part cash and part store credit. Store credit will be put onto a store card.

We are currently buying handbags, casual shoes (esp. sneakers), tights and athletic wear, casual tops, light weight sweaters, spring jackets and maxi dresses.

Our favorite brands right now are:

Ann Taylor, J.Crew, Banana Republic, Zara, Free People, Lulelemon, H&M, Forever 21, Gap and Uniqlo.

We love women’s sneakers from brands like
New Balance, Nike, Toms, Converse, Adidas,etc.

We are also looking for men’s summer clothing right now.

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Do I Need An Appointment?

Mustard Seed purchases items by appointment only.

Appointments can be made in advance online.

What Kind of Clothing Do You Take?

We are interested in men’s and women’s contemporary casual clothing;

women’s sizes 0-14 and men’s sizes 30-38.

We also purchase accessories, handbags, shoes, costume jewelry and belts.

Items should be in good condition (no stains, holes, broken zippers or missing buttons) and no more than 2 years old.

We also look at vintage clothing and accessories dated from the 1950s through the 1970s.

To get a clear picture of what we look for, it is recommended you visit the store prior to scheduling an appointment.

What Kind of Clothing Do You Not Take?

We do not accept the following: children’s, pre-teen, maternity, plus sizes or men’s suits.

In addition, we do not accept formal wear such as wedding attire, tuxedos, gowns or prom dresses.

Does Clothing Have to Be in Season?

Yes, we buy for immediate resale only and our inventory transitions with the seasons.

Please bring in clothing according to what you’re currently wearing and what the weather is outside.

How Should I Bring My Clothing In?

We prefer clothing be brought to us right side out and folded neatly in shopping bags, not on hangers. Items do not have to be ironed or dry cleaned,

but should be in good condition – no stains, holes, broken zippers or missing buttons. Please select your best 25 items per visit. (One pair of shoes equals one item).

How Do You Decide What to Sell My Clothing For?

We price items based on a combination of factors: styling, condition, size, age, brand and original cost. Please keep in mind we may not purchase

merchandise based on season, condition and our current inventory levels. Also, we may request receipts for unworn merchandise or high end luxury items.

How and When Do I Get Paid?

You will receive 50% of our retail price. For example if we decide to price your jeans at $20, you will get $10.

You will be paid on the spot, by cash or check, for anything we decide to purchase.

High end handbags and shoes are often taken on consignment, meaning you will receive your payment 2 weeks after the item sells.

Consignment allows us to price items higher and yields a higher return for the seller.

Do You Take Donations?

No. However, there are several locations nearby to drop off unwanted clothing.

What If I Need To Cancel My Appointment?

You can cancel your appointment up to 2 hours before the time that it is scheduled without penalty.

If you miss an appointment without notifying us at least two hours beforehand you will be charged a $10 fee which will be applied to your next appointment.

To change or cancel your appointment, please go to our website and click on ‘make appointments’.

Type your email address in the ‘login’ box at the top right corner of the page and scroll past FAQs to the bottom.

There you will find your existing appointment as well as a box to cancel. We do not accept cancellations by email.

The system does not allow you to log in to change or cancel your appointment within 2 hours of your scheduled time.

Why do you charge a no show fee?

The $10 fee was instituted so the customer would have incentive to complete their appointment. When a customer misses their appointment, another customer is denied the opportunity to get that time slot and this results in a loss of income for us.

The $10 we ask for in return is a small percentage of the average lost income per missed appointment.

We recognize that situations do arise and there are a variety of reasons someone can’t make it to their appointment. Therefore, we do our best to be accommodating and accept cancellations through our website and by phone up to two hours before the scheduled appointment time.